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Can't Connect to eduroam WiFi

If you’re having trouble connecting to eduroam WiFi or experiencing poor Wifi performance, it is usually related to specific actions, conditions, or based on a device setting. We’ve listed a few common instances here with steps you can try to help get you connected.

Did you recently change your password?

Go to your device settings and update your password. Remember to use your full email address with for eduroam.

Is eduroam running slow?

Go to your device's wireless settings and turn off your Wi-Fi. Wait a few moments, then turn your Wi-Fi back on. This should re-connect you to the nearest Wi-Fi access point giving you a faster internet speed.

Are you trying to connect an IoT device?
(such as a game console, printer or media device)

There is a separate WiFi network for those types of devices called CP-IoT-Secure.

Learn how to connect to CP-IoT-Secure and what WiFi devices are supported on campus.

The eduroam WiFi network does not work with IoT devices.

Solutions By Device…

Windows (State computer)

If you are having trouble accepting the new certificate:

  1. From the prompt, click the Connect button. If this doesn't work then try the following steps.

    eduroam. 'Continue connecting' connect button is highlighted


  2. Connect to campus ethernet or connect to GlobalProtect VPN (using a hotspot or other internet source).

  3. Open the Command Prompt (through the Start menu: Start > Windows System > Command Prompt) and paste gpupdate /force into the command window. This will configure your computer to connect to eduroam WiFi.

If you are unable to locate the Command Prompt or need help, submit a General Help Request.

See Can't Connect to eduroam from my PC (Windows 10).

Windows 10 (Personal computer)

Mac (Personal computer



Lenovo computer or a Huawei, OnePlus, or Xiaomi



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