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eduroam WiFi

eduroam is Cal Poly's primary WiFi network, available to students, staff, and faculty. Connecting a device to the network requires a one-time setup, using your full Cal Poly email address (including the and password. Once you've logged into eduroam, you can connect on campus at Cal Poly or any time you visit an eduroam-member institution in the U.S. and worldwide. Game consoles, media streaming, and other smart devices should connect to the CP-IoT-Secure network.


How you connect to eduroam varies depending on if you are connecting using Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iOS, or Android.


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WiFi is available inside all campus buildings, and in some outdoor spaces, including the University Union (UU) Plaza, Mustang Way, and Dexter Lawn. See a map of available outdoor WiFi.


Made possible through Cal Poly funds, no additional charges.


  • Students

  • Staff

  • Faculty

  • Guests

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eduroam users may see a one-time system message asking them to manually accept a certificate when connecting to the network. "Trust" the certificate to connect to the network. Visiting eduroam users can only access the internet, no other web-based Cal Poly resources.


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