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Guide to Reactivate MATLAB

NOTE: Students must create a MathWorks account through the Cal Poly MathWorks portal to download MATLAB and activate their license. Cal Poly MATLAB users must renew their MATLAB license annually.

To reactivate MATLAB:

  1. Launch MATLAB.
    If the license has already expired, the activation client will launch and you can skip the next step.

  2. Activate MATLAB license:
    Windows: Navigate to the MATLAB Help menu and select Licensing.
    Mac OS/Linux: Select Resources, then navigate to the Help menu and select Licensing.

  3. Select Activate Software > Activate using internet.

  4. Exit and restart MATLAB to complete the renewal/activation process.

TIP: The MathWorks portal provides the latest downloads, help, training (guides & videos), and other resources.



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