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Get a Solidworks Student Certification or Become a Provider

Students can take any number of SOLIDWORKS certification exams for free if a faculty/instructor is a SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider. Learn how to earn a SOLIDWORKS student certification or become an Academic Certification Provider.

Student Certification

  1. See the list of currently available SOLIDWORKS Certifications.

  2. Contact a Cal Poly SOLIDWORKS CERTIFIED faculty/instructor. Scroll down to see the List of Currently Certified Instructors below.

  3. An exam voucher will be created by the certified faculty/instructor and distributed to you on test day. The exam is free of cost and there is no limit on the number of exams a student can take. 

  4. Check the SOLIDWORKS Certification testing instructions on the SOLIDWORKS website for the details about taking the test.

Become a Faculty Certification Provider

  1. Faculty/instructors must submit a free-of-cost SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider application.

  2. Once the application is approved, SOLIDWORKS will create a Virtual Tester account for the certified faculty/instructor, based on their email address, and issue a set number of complimentary CSWA exam credits. The certified faculty/instructor has to convert these credits into vouchers and distribute the vouchers to the students on test day.

  3. The certified faculty/instructor will receive an email from with their login credentials for

List of Currently Certified Instructors

College of Engineering (CENG)

Rob Carter

CENG - Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Kyle DeBernardi

CENG - Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Kris Hamann

CENG - Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Jonathon Stearns

CENG - Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Jeffrey John Zimmerman

CENG - Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science (CAFES)

Matt Haberland

BioResource & Agricultural Engineering

Bo Liu

BioResource & Agricultural Engineering

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