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Install Software on a Cal Poly Owned or Tech Rentals Mac

Self Service is the app store for Cal Poly owned Apple devices and is available to all staff and faculty or students using Tech Rentals Macs. It simplifies device deployment, inventory and security. With Self Service you can:

  • Install and uninstall software

  • Update device configurations

  • Receive notifications

  • Add printers

Accessing Self Service


  1. Click Command ⌘ + Space Bar. Enter "Self Service" and click the Enter button.

  2. Search for the item you want to install and click the Install button.

  3. You can uninstall items by clicking the Uninstall button.


  1. Swipe and tap the Search field. Enter "Self Service".

  2. Tap Get to download the app or tap the app icon to launch the app.


Self Service home screen
  • Search Bar

  • Home -  View featured items, browse categories, install items, and use bookmarks

  • Browse - View featured items and browse categories

  • Notifications

  • History - Browse software updates and view a history of items that have previously been installed.

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