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Can't Connect to eduroam from my Mac


"I can't connect to eduroam on my personal Apple computer after trying to sign in with my Cal Poly email address and password." 


Follow the steps below to forget networks, remove certificates and profiles, then connect to wireless. 

1. Forget Networks

  1. From the Apple menu (top left corner of your screen), go to System Preferences > Network.

  2. From the left menu, select Wi-Fi, then click the Advanced... button (bottom right).

  3. Under Preferred Networks, select eduroam, then click the subtract (-) button to remove the network. Also, remove SecureMustangWireless, Cal Poly Guest, and WiFi Setup, if applicable.

  4. Click OK, then click Apply.

2. Remove Certificates

  1. Open Spotlight Search (Command + Space bar) and search for "keychain access".

  2. Open Keychain Access > Default Keychains > login/Local items, search for “clearpass”. Right click to delete the clearpass certificates. Enter your computer password if prompted. 

  3. Search for "eduroam". Right click to delete the eduroam password. Enter your computer password if prompted. 

3. Remove Profiles

Connection to the Cal Poly network no longer uses profiles; however, if you used “WiFi Setup” in the past (2018 or prior), you may need to remove some old Cal Poly profiles.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Profiles. If you don't see a Profiles icon, then skip this step.

  2. Delete all Cal Poly profiles. They could include Cal PolyDevice Enrollment, or eduroam. Transfer students: Delete profiles from other schools.

4. Reconnect

  1. Confirm you can log in to the My Cal Poly Portal from your mobile phone.

  2. Connect to eduroam.

  3. Enter your full Cal Poly email address (including the and password.

  4. Click Continue, then enter your computer password to finish connecting to eduroam.

  • If after following the instructions above you're still unable to connect, restart your computer.

  • This is considered advanced troubleshooting. If you do not feel comfortable following these steps, bring your device to the Service Desk Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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