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Mobile Phone Guidelines

Mobile phones are a key resource for California Polytechnic State University faculty and staff due to the nature of mobility in the workplace, and to enable communication where conventional telephones or network access is not accessible. Justification for service should have a clear connection to the user’s job travel, field and mobile campus staff, or emergency response team members. Mobile phones may not be issued to student workers, contractors, or to others without a compelling use for this technology.

The university will not reimburse individuals for costs associated with non-university owned or provided mobile phones used for Cal Poly business. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly service and feature charges, usage charges, taxes, fees, and surcharges.

The individual to whom the university-provided mobile phone is assigned is responsible for taking appropriate steps to secure the device, notifying their department’s Telephone Coordinator & ITS Service Desk, and filing a Cal Poly University Police Department report if the phone is stolen or misplaced. The department is responsible for covering replacement costs.


The ITS Service Desk initiates all mobile phone transactions using the established government contract with Verizon Wireless. Price and equipment availability are determined by the carrier and subject to change without notice. Contracted plans may require multi-year commitments. Early termination fees, if applicable, will be charged to the department.

Responsible use

University-provided mobile phones may only be used by the authorized recipient. Authorized recipients must return their phones when leaving the University or when a change in responsibilities removes them from eligibility. All data must be completely removed from the phone before it can be reassigned or when the authorized recipient leaves the University.

All costs associated with the mobile phone will be borne by the department that requests the device and supporting services. These costs include, but are not limited to purchase, equipment replacement, service activation, monthly service and feature charges, usage, equipment and accessories charges, insurance, taxes, early termination fees (as applicable), and surcharges.

Mobile phones will be administered through the University’s mobile device management program. The authorized recipients may not tamper with or circumvent these administrative settings.


Hot spots

To ensure compliance with Cal Poly Information Security device standards, use of any "hotspot" services require that the university-owned smartphone be physically tethered to the mobile device (e.g. laptop). It is the responsibility of the user to consult with ITS prior to implementing tethered "hotspot" services for university-related business, to ensure a secure and appropriate configuration to protect university data and resources. Any exception to this tethering solution will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis accompanied by a business reason provided by the department. ITS Management will consider and provide approval if/as appropriate. The ITS Service Desk does NOT provide support for alternative solutions.

Also, see:

Faculty and staff may not transfer existing personal mobile services (non-Cal Poly ) to our Cal Poly Verizon Wireless government account. Service requests require a new contract with the vendor and so a new wireless number is generated.

State employees may transition their assigned Cal Poly mobile number to their personal mobile phone via the Transfer Mobile Service from a State to Personal Phone process.

  1. The Telephone Coordinator should submit a New Mobile Phone or Service Change request via the Support Center.

  2. The ITS Service Desk will notify the telephone coordinator and employee via email when the mobile phone number is available for assumption of liability.

  3. Then the employee will call Verizon Wireless at 800-922-0204 to finalize their new account.

Mobile phones purchased on the Cal Poly government account with State funds are university property. If mobile phone service is canceled, or an employee is transferred to another university department or leaves university, the mobile phone must be returned to the department that purchased the device. Or the department where the employee transfers may request to change the billing chartfield so the mobile service is billed to the new responsible department instead.

If an employee is leaving Cal Poly but assuming liability for their mobile phone number via Transfer Mobile Service from a State to Personal Phone , a new phone must be purchased, and the old phone returned to the department via the telephone coordinator. The department may keep the device to re-purpose to another department employee, retain it as a "back-up" phone, or surplus the property. (Old mobile phones are surplused via the Facilities Help Desk at 6-5555, so please call for the drop off location in Building 70.)  All sensitive data must be removed from the device by the user or tech support team before it is reused.

University mobile numbers that are canceled with Verizon Wireless are no longer the property of Cal Poly and are returned to the carrier's pool of numbers. Therefore, mobile numbers are not available for reactivation per Verizon’s policy.

The Cal Poly account is a government account, therefore, our mobile providers cannot provide call blocking services to stop unwanted or solicitation calls. But calls may be individually blocked through the recent calls menu on the mobile phone. And text messages can be blocked by texting STOP to each unsolicited message.

As an alternative for unwanted calls, users can add their mobile number to the National DO NOT CALL Registry. The process includes registration of your mobile number using your Cal Poly email address, and responding to an email verification of the request. Most telephone marketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you may file a complaint on this same website. You can also register your home or personal mobile phone for free and your registration will not expire. Phone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007.

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