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Data and Cloud Storage & Sharing (OneDrive & SharePoint)

The only Cal Poly approved Cloud Storage & Sharing services are Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. Cloud storage software provides web access to your online file storage, file sharing, and file synchronization. 

  • The responsibility for storing Cal Poly documents and files lies with the person who stores the data. Judgment is required about how and where Cal Poly data will be stored. If you have questions about where your department stores data, contact your supervisor.

  • The risks to Cal Poly are identified in the Cal Poly Information Classification and Handling Standard and specified for each type of data classification and documents.

  • Different data is governed by different regulations, laws, agreements, and rules; each requires different means of protection and reporting.

  • Cal Poly level 1 data (except for payment card data and protected health information) is approved for storage in OneDrive. Level 1 data is not permitted to be shared outside of the university. Microsoft has provided the necessary documentation to assure the Information Security Office that protections are in place for Cal Poly data.

  • Cal Poly level 2 data is everything between level 1 and public data and considered internal use only. Contact the Information Security Office if you need help interpreting license agreements.

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