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Document Unit Coordinator (DUC) Contact List

Your Document Unit Coordinator – or DUC – is the "point person" for Adobe Sign in your unit or department. If you have questions about Adobe Sign, or need help, talk to the DUC for your unit. Units without a DUC are encouraged to contact a parent unit's DUC or reach out to a familiar DUC for assistance.







AA - Agricultural Education & Communication



AA - Animal Science 

Susie Illia

AA - Art and Design

Adrian Anaya

AA - CAED - College Arch & Env Design

Mariam Emyan

AA - CAED City & Regional Planning

Janet Murrieta

AA - CAED City & Regional Planning

Melanni Wiedrich

AA - CAFES - Wine and Viticulture




Kathy Daniels

AA - Center for Excellence and Stem Education

Kaylene Wakeman

AA - CENG - Electrical Engineering

Chuck Bland

AA - CENG - Mechanical Engineering

Kim Shollenberger


Ashley Davis

AA - CLA - Department of Social Sciences

Christina V. Casillas


Cassie Stevenson

AA - COSAM - Biological Sciences

Katie Doctor

AA - COSAM - Kinesiology

Alison Ventura

AA - COSAM - Physics

Mikele Hushing-Kline

AA - Extended Education

Andrew Bresnan

AA - Extended Education

Erin Lastreto

AA - Extended Education

Narissa Singleton

AA - Extended Education

Alicia Tedford

AA - Library Information Technology

Chandler Rashley

AA - OCOB - Computer Lab

Kristy Cutter-Rogers

AA - Office of the Registrar

Sarah Horne

AA - Technical Services

Jeff Van Kleeck

A&F - University Police Department

Jamie St. Cyr

A&F - Administration & Finance

Joey Darby

A&F - Cal Poly Corporation

Matthew Ryan

A&F - Facilities

Wendy Macdonald

A&F - Facilities

Brandi Strain

A&F - Facilities: Customer & Business Services

Aaron Sloane

A&F - Payroll Services

Jennifer Hiatt

A&F - SBS - Payment Services

Dawn Rudder

A&F - SBS - Procurement Services

Brian Gil

A&F - Student Accounts

John Buerger

A&F - University Campus Programs

Dave Marshall

ITS - Information Technology Services

Maneesh Kumar

Office of the President

Kelly Sebastian

RED - Grants Development

Susanne Gartner

RED - Grants Development

Trish Brock

RED - Sponsored Programs

Angel Murakami

SA - Student Affairs

Rick Salomon

UDAE - Alumni Relations

Heidi Lorge

UDAE - Development, Admin, Finance, Fundraising

Ericka Scott

UP - Academic Personnel

Lindsay May Howell

UP - Human Resources

Joaquin Escalante

UP - Human Resources

Margie Coolidge

UP Human Resources

Cindy Piper

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