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Get a New Account or Make Changes to An Existing Account

New Accounts

Cal Poly accounts are automatically provided to students, faculty, and staff. Accounts for clubs, departments and guests of the university must be requested. See details below.


How/When Accounts Are Created

Action Required


How/When Accounts Are Created

Action Required

Student Applicant

Applicants automatically receive an account when they submit their Cal Poly application.

To activate your account, see Applicant First Time Account Activation and follow the instructions.


Incoming Students

When applicants become students, their account transitions over. Students receive access to Cal Poly email and Office 365 well ahead of their first quarter, usually in July.

No action required. Applicant accounts are converted to student accounts during the admissions process.


Faculty automatically receive an account when they are hired.

No action required. Faculty accounts are created in coordination with Academic Personnel.


Staff automatically receive an account when they are hired.

No action required. Staff accounts are created in coordination with Human Resources

University Guests/Affiliates

Guests or affiliates of Cal Poly who require access to some university resources must request an account and get it approved by their sponsoring organization/department.  

Submit a New Guest Account Request.

Departments, Units, or Services

Shared accounts are created upon request. 

Submit a New Shared Account Request.

Student Clubs

Student clubs can set up an account once they have completed all the requirements to become a recognized student organization.


If you are creating a new club, go to Start a Club, and follow the instructions. Once your club is formalized, you can work with the Clubs & Organizations Office to request an account. You can find more info at


  1. Only the club president can request password changes.

  2. Unlike other accounts, there is only one admin contact
    (instead of one admin and one technical contact).

Making Changes to an Existing Account

If you need to:

  • modify a Cal Poly account, like an account contact update or application access for a shared account, submit an Other Account Modification Request. You can also use this type of request to deactivate an account.

  • extend or reactivate a Cal Poly account, submit an Account Extension Request. Account extensions require approval from a sponsoring campus organization.

  • extend your Office 365 account, which includes email and calendar, submit an Other Account Modification Request.

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