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The wired network requires a quick registration process to connect. Any device with an ethernet port can connect to this network, including desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles, watches, cameras, media players, etc.



titleclick Click to view how to register...
  1. Go to Device Registration and log  and log in with your Cal Poly email address ( and password, then click Log In.

    registration login screen

  2. Click the Create Device or Create New Device button.

    create device and create new device buttons highlighted

  3. Enter the device's 12 digit ethernet/wired hardware/MAC address, separate the characters with colons (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX), then select Wired for the Device Type.

  4. To share access to your device, enter Cal enter Cal Poly email addresses ( separated with commas, then click Create.

    create a new device dialog box
  5. On the next page, you will see your personalized network personalized network password, which will only work for that registered device.

    finished creating device confirmation screen

Step 2 - CONNECT

titleclick Click to view how to connect...
  1. If you are plugging into:

    1. a wall port, you will typically use ports labeled W.

      Faceplate. W portal is highlighted

    2. an Aruba access point, use ports E1, E2 or E3. Do not plug into the port farthest to the left.

      aruba routed. ports E1, E2, E3 are highlighted

  2. Using a ethernet cable, plug one end into your computer's ethernet port, and the other end into the wall port or Aruba Access Point.

    ethernet cable

  3. On your computer, open a web browser. You should be prompted to enter your Cal Poly username (do not include and password. Click Log in.

  4. You should now be connected via ethernet.



  1. If your browser doesn’t display the login page, browse to any website (like or and you should automatically be redirected to the login page. 

  2. If you aren't redirected, click on the link below for your device, then browse to a website to confirm you're connected. 

  3. Unplug the ethernet cable from your computer, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in and repeat troubleshooting steps 1 and 2.

  4. If you still need help, submit a University Housing Tech Support request and  request and include building #, room #, faceplate #, anda photo of the port.

SHARE (optional)

titleclick Click to view how to share...

You can share access to your device with other Cal Poly users by logging into Device Registration and clicking Manage Devices. Normally, your device will not be seen by anyone else. Once sharing is enabled for another user, they will be able to see the device (e.g. AirPlay).

VIEW Devices and Passwords (optional)

titleclick Click to find out how to view...
  1. Go to Device Registration and log  and log in with your Cal Poly email address ( and password.

  2. Click Manage Devices, then click on the device you'd like to view.

  3. Click Edit to see specific information about a device, including its device type and who the device is shared with. If you register a wired device as wireless or vice versa, you can change the device type here. The Wi-Fi password will automatically be generated if necessary.

    Device registration, manage devices. MAC adress on top left-corner is highlighted. Edit button is clicked and highlighted. Edit IoT Device page. 'Device type', 'shared with' fields and update button are highlighted

  4. Click Update Device to save any changes.