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ITS Initiatives


ITS initiatives facilitate the pathway for the creation of unique products, services, or results that drive change and add business value. ITS initiatives adhere to the ITS Project Lifecycle. Please refer to the guidelines provided to assist with your initiatives.

How to Start an ITS Initiative

Start an ITS initiative by submitting a Project Request.

How to View Details of an Initiative

Initiatives contain details inside a set of forms and an activity feed.

  • Project Request Form
    Contains the original submission.

  • Initial Planning Form
    Is used to document scope, risks, and constraints. It is started during the initial planning meeting. The scope is expanded during the work breakdown meeting.

  • Activity Feed
    Lists archived comments*, status changes, attachments, and approvals.

*You can use the comments to connect directly with the project team with, updates, questions, and attachments. 

How to View a List of Your Initiatives

  1. From the Cal Poly Portal, click Tech Support

    Tech Support Icon
  2. Click on the grey Requests button in the top right-hand corner.
    This will display all the requests related to you.

How to View Initiatives Only

Click the Request Type drop-down and check Initiative Portfolio.


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