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Authenticate with a Token

Hardware tokens generate a one-time passcode for Duo authentication. They can be used without a cell signal or WiFi connection.

Get a Token

Submit a Duo Hardware Token Request. Once your request is approved, your token can be picked up at the Service Desk

Use a Token

Authenticate with a Duo hardware token and a passcode.

  1. Log in to the My Cal Poly portal or Cal Poly MFA/Duo-enabled application.

  2. Click the Enter a Passcode button.

  3. Press the button on your Duo hardware token to generate a new passcode.

  4. Enter the Passcode in the field and click the Verify button.


  5. Once your identity is verified, your Cal Poly account will be authenticated.

If you see an “Incorrect passcode. Please try again.” message, your hardware token may be out of sync. To re-sync it, generate and enter a passcode three times. On the third time, you should successfully log in.

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