Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo)

MFA is required on all Cal Poly student, faculty and staff accounts. Need help getting set up? 

Cal Poly uses the Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) app to verify the identities of students, faculty and staff when logging in to any web-based technology service that requires a Cal Poly username and password. MFA, also referred to as two-step verification, or two-factor authentication (2FA), adds another layer of protection to sensitive information, which makes it much more difficult for unauthorized entities to gain access. Duo authenticates users' identities in two ways—with something they know (username and password) and something they have (mobile device, landlineDuo token, security key or Touch ID). When logging in with Duo, make sure to enable the "remember me for 30 days" feature, so you only have to authenticate once a month. Learn more.


  1. Enroll your primary device using Duo multi-factor authenticationusually with a mobile device using the Duo Mobile app.
  2. Add a secondary device, like a landline.
  3. Now you can authenticate using Duo.

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