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PolyData Dashboards and Reporting

Data from various campus systems is made available to approved faculty and staff through PolyData Dashboards & Reports. The information is first consolidated into a single data warehouse, then processed and displayed in interactive, web-based dashboards and reports with rich analytical and business intelligence capabilities. 


  1. Log in to the My Cal Poly Portal.

  2. Under the My Apps menu, click PolyData Dashboards. If you don't see the link, you may need to add it to the My Apps menu.

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PolyData Dashboards & Reports are accessed through the My Cal Poly Portal. Each dashboard has unique permission requirements and is based on authorization to the appropriate source system (PeopleSoft Finance, Human Resources, etc). To request access to a dashboard, you must complete a CMS Account Request.


Made possible through Cal Poly funds, no additional charges. 

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Data Integrations

In addition to providing the data for dashboards and reports, the data warehouse is also used when campus applications require data integrations.

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