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Clear My Browser Cache and Cookies

Browsers store information from visited websites in their cache and cookies. Clearing your browser cache forces the browser to retrieve a website's newest available copy. Clearing your browser cookies removes user information websites collect. Both actions can help resolve performance issues.


  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Firefox

    • Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
      (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete, Mac: Command + Shift + Delete)

Clear Cookies 

Clear Cache

  1. Find the menu bar on the top of the Safari window. Click on Safari and then click on Preferences.

  2. The Preferences window will pop-up. Click on the Advanced tab.

  3. Find Show Develop menu in menu bar and check the checkbox next to it. Close the Preferences window.

  4. On the menu bar, click on Develop and select Empty Caches to clear your browser cache.

Mobile Browsers

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