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Media Captioning

Educational and informational content presented on campus must be accessible to all students, faculty and staff. Video presentations with audio must be "captioned". Captioning (or subtitles) must be visible "for any time-based multimedia presentation (e.g., a movie, video, or animation)." 

"It is the policy of the California State University to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff, and the general public regardless of disability status." Learn more on Cal Poly's Accessibility website and the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) of the California State University system website.

Zoom Live Automatic Transcriptions

Learn how to enable live captioning and update your transcription settings in Zoom.

Microsoft Stream

Use Microsoft Stream to make your videos accessible using subtitles and captions.

Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)

Cal Poly faculty and staff can take advantage of CSU contracted pricing and services for post-production transcription of video and audio media through Automatic Sync Technologies

Verbit acquired Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) some time ago, and now both companies will function as one unified brand. The services and support provided to current customers will not change. You’ll simply begin seeing Verbit’s branding and logo more frequently.

  1. Create an AST Account
    Create an individual account in order to start using AST’s services. Note: Billing contact and account info will be required in order to process the account request.

  2. How to Submit a Video to AST

  • Video Captioning Services

  • Real-Time Captioning Services

  • Audio Description Services

  • Transcription

  • Caption Translations

  • Video Encoding

  • Production Transcripts

  • Result Review

  • Cinema Certified Result Review

  • DVD/MP4 Transfer

Learn more at

All services performed by AST will be billed to the submitting party. CSU contract pricing does not apply to campus auxiliary organizations.  


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