Learn how to allow only those with Cal Poly accounts, specifically an @calpoly.edu email address, to enter your Zoom meeting.

When scheduling a meeting

Under Advanced Options, make sure Only authenticated users can join > Cal Poly Only is selected. If some of your attendees are not from Cal Poly, you will need to uncheck this setting for them to enter the meeting or require them to Sign in to Zoom.

From User Settings

You can also adjust this setting by going to your user settings and scrolling down to Only authenticated users can join meetings.

  • When logging in to Zoom, if you are asked to enter an email and password, use your Cal Poly email and password. If you are given the option Login with SSOselect it and enter "calpoly" as the company domain.
  • Students must use their @calpoly.edu email address to log in to their Zoom account; otherwise, they may not be able to log in to a meeting, properly access breakout rooms, or other Zoom features.
  • Affiliate, emeritus, and student applicant accounts receive a basic Cal Poly Zoom account which has limited functionality.

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