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Account Expiration

When you leave Cal Poly, you may still have access to some university resources for a limited period of time.

How/When Accounts Expire
Action Required

6 months after graduation

  • Office 365 account, which includes Cal Poly email access, expires*

~2 years (8 academic quarters) after graduation

  • My Cal Poly Portal access expires

To maintain read-only access to your Cal Poly email account, you must set up an Email Delivery Address (EDA). This forwards your Cal Poly email to an off-campus account up until your My Cal Poly Portal access expires.


Faculty accounts expire when they have not taught a class for 4 academic quarters.

No action required. If you have eligibility concerns, contact Academic Personnel.

Staff accounts expire immediately after their employment ends.

No action required. If you have eligibility concerns, contact Human Resources.
University Guests/AffiliatesGuest accounts expire after 1 year.No action required.
Departments, Units, or ServicesShared accounts do not expire. The account owner/administrator can request a password reset by calling the ITS Service Desk at 805-756-7000.

* Student Office 365 accounts also expire if a student stops attending classes for 3 quarters and has not yet graduated.

Account Extension

If you'd like to extend or reactivate a Cal Poly account, submit an Account Extension Request. For guest accounts, approval is required from the sponsoring campus organization.


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